Welcome to Studio Satya


Studio Satya

What does Satya mean?

Satya means truth or truthfulness... but more importantly, your truth.

How can you live your truth honestly and without causing harm? 


Special Events

We offer many special events throughout the month!  Click on the Special Events page or check facebook for new and exciting classes and workshops.


The Studio

Come visit our cozy studio and rest awhile! 

First visit to the studio is free!

Drop in for Studio Satya is $10

Punch cards are available: 10 classes for $90

What Progress Looks Like

Right after her 2nd knee replacement!


This amazing lady started out with chair yoga to finish rehabbing after her second knee replacement, but she wasn't one to stay satisfied for long!

Just six months later!


She has pushed past all of her fears, tore down her walls and then got herself upside down!  She is a warrior through and through! 

Working one on one with clients is so rewarding !  The people I get to work with are some of the strongest, most capable people I know!!

Our teachers