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What does Satya mean?

Satya means truth or truthfulness... but more importantly, your truth.

How can you live your truth honestly and without causing harm? 

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We offer many special events throughout the month!  Click on the Special Events page or check facebook for new and exciting classes and workshops.

The Studio


Come visit our cozy studio and rest awhile! See that white door?? That door contains an incredible Reiki/Intuitive healer that you need to meet could possibly change

What Progress Looks Like

Right after her 2nd knee replacement!


This amazing lady started out with chair yoga to finish rehabbing after her second knee replacement, but she wasn't one to stay satisfied for long!

Just six months later!


She has pushed past all of her fears, tore down her walls and then got herself upside down!  She is a warrior through and through! 

Working one on one with clients is so rewarding !  The people I get to work with are some of the strongest, most capable people I know!!

Meet our teacher Jody


  Where did you receive your certification from:

 After completing Yoga Alliance 200-Hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) training through Intent Yoga in Enumclaw, WA in 2011, I taught yoga to faculty and staff for five years at Pacific Lutheran University. Now retired from PLU, I am thrilled to be teaching again, especially at Studio Satya, owned by my good friend, Jamie Osborn.

In fall of 2018, I completed Part I of the Mindful Yoga for Chronic Pain professional training program through Oregon Health & Science University. I was introduced to the science of chronic pain, mindfulness through yoga asana practice and meditation. 



What's your favorite yoga pose and why: High Lunge Twist is my favorite pose. It opens my heart, my hips, lengthens my psoas and seeks my mind to look inside. For me, it’s almost meditative while building strength.

Least favorite and why: Half Moon and I have a love-hate relationship. I love going into the pose but the second I turn my head, my balance is thrown off. 



Favorite place you've ever been: Scotland

Favorite hobby besides yoga: Calligraphy, creative writing, hiking. I love being transported through good books, poetry, movies, and dancing to disco and Europop. Listening to jazz and classical music, meditating, learning and teaching, and being with family feeds my soul 



What days and times do you teach: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 – 9:30am

What's your teaching style: Iyengar was the style in which I was taught, so proper alignment is important to me. That said, if I can impart mindfulness, body awareness and stress reduction while inviting breath to guide movement, I have taught yoga. 

Meet our teacher Ryan!


Where did you get your training from

Alchemy of Yoga RYT200 Training Program.An in depth Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour training with Silvia Mordini and Angela Howell. This training taught me the eight limbs of yoga, wave theory  and teaching in kramas, intelligent sequencing, anatomy of yoga, the yoga sutras, the specific details of teaching over 60 of the most common poses poses, the chakras, the yamas and niyamas, and much more.


Favorite yoga pose


My favorite yoga pose is Shirshasana or headstand pose. Probably my most practiced yoga pose to date; I’m pretty sure I was doing headstand ever since I was a toddler before I knew about all the health benefits the posture entails;  definitely a case of the wisdom of a child at play! I always loved being a monkey and anyway I could be upside down.


Least favorite pose

My least favorite yoga pose, I suppose, is a love hate relationship with Virabhadrasana 1  or Warrior 1 pose. I’ve always felt very challenged first not knowing the proper engagements which wore my shoulders out and left my legs confused  and angry and for some reason most every yoga teacher I have met enjoy holding this pose for such a long time I’d be screaming in my head “when can I release and move on from this torture!”. Through teacher training we held this pose for very long periods  of time workshopping the multitudes of cues to find the proper alignment. I love it because I feel stronger and more powerful and inspired after but during it really pushes me to be present with my breath, body and after learning all the engagements I find  my self bouncing from one correction to the next finding it hard to settle in. As time goes on and the more I practice I find the pose to be more enjoyable but still I have moments of wincing perhaps remanants of past experiences.


Favorite hobbies

My favorite hobbies  are adventuring of any kind  most fondly in nature. traveling, hiking, biking, skydiving, rock climbing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, canyoneering, slack lining, acro yoga, playing guitar, singing, dancing,  surfing, scuba diving , Whitewater River Guiding, reading, writing, skiing/snowboarding. If I were to pick one I would probably say whitewater rafting on a multi day trip!


My teaching style

I teach at Studio Satya Wednesday’s at 4:30-5:30 pm and Friday’s 9:30-10:30am. With some possible pop classes to come and substituting now and then!


My teaching style is continuously developing and evolving  as I learn from my own practice, taking classes, researching and learning from the people in the classes I facilitate.Typically I lead a slow powerflow mindful Vinyasa and  Hatha mixture combined with some Kundalini practices. Ideally tying in the 8 limbs of yoga within each practice and bringing a continued transformational process mind, body and spirit for everyone one involved. 



Fun Fact

Fun Fact about me: I taught beginner breakdancing to 4th- 8th graders in my home town of Camden, Maine. I used to Unicycle in theatrical performances and for fun!

Much love and gratitude to you!

I teach at Studio Satya Wednesday’s at 4:30-5:30 pm and Friday’s 9:30-10:30am. With some possible pop classes to come and substituting now and then!

Our teachers

Keep your eye out for pop up classes too, like high intensity yoga, and mom and me classes. 

Drop in for Studio Satya is $10 or punch cards are available: 10 classes for $90